- 2020 Dota 2 Inventories Wrapped

550M items, 3.3M profiles (and counting)!
Here is a recap of Dota 2 inventory items statistics at the end of the year 2020 and start of 2021.

This analysis was a personal project for learning, and was inspired by Steam's inventory loading issues. I was looking to create a better tool that would be a bit more robust to inventory loading issues (with some caching) for trading and collecting purposes. The analysis took a few weeks of planning and several days of execution.

Feel free to check out the main inventory helper tool here and let me know any feedback you have.

Profile Privacy

Item Marketability & Tradability

Giftable Bundles Seen

Histogram of Inventory Sizes

Rarest Couriers Seen

Prismatic Gem Items

Ethereal Gem Items

Purchased Arcanas

Bugged Hero Items Seen

Legacy Prismatic Colors Seen

Golden Items Seen

Crimson Items Seen

Most Common Items Seen

What else?

Let me know what else would be interesting to see, or if you'd like access to the search engine.

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